imagine my surprise

when i went into a tim horton’s


order a dozen bagels

of a random variety


after the counter person put them into a bag for me

a random worker

from the drive-through section

stormed up

yelling out

“my customer wants a plain bagel and that’s the last one!”

and proceeded to try to reach into my bag to retrieve it.

all i could say was

“hey, those are the bagels that i just bought!”


she stopped

with her hand in mid-air


looked around

at all of us

standing in front of the counter


went back to the drive-through

without another word


without another plain bagel


i wondered if that had really just happened.

yes, yes it had.

“i’ve said this before, and i say it again.

bagels can be an enormous power for good or for evil.

it is up to us to decide how we will use them.”

-daniel pinkwater

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  1. What a great novel title: “Bagels: A Force for Good or Evil?” I had to laugh Beth – too funny. Timmy’s are usually better than that but they are franchises and sometimes there are a**hole owners who don’t train properly. I love Timmy’s in general, and have occasionally seen franchisees overstep. There was a case in Canada a few years ago where a customer with a few small children entered one of their stores. it was winter and the kids were all bundled up. While the Mom was ordering a little one started to fuss so a passing employee gave the child a free Timbit (with the Mom’s permission). The next day the owner was reviewing security tapes and saw the gift (less than a cent in cost). The owner fired the employee for theft. The employee went to the press and the wires picked it up and the story went coast to coast. To say that HO was upset at the owner was an understatement. They took away his franchise, apologize, rehired, and promoted the employee (with a raise).

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  2. Ah Tim’s…… I guess the positive spin on this is that the drive thru worker was advocating for her customer….. Okay. No. No. We can’t let chaos reign. But it was a Tim’s bagel. Good thing you were in control.

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  3. A friend of mine was in a McDonald’s in midtown New York and a homeless guy came to his table, said “yeah, you’re through,” and took his tray. I don’t know why I thought of that when I read your story, but it’s the same kind of reaction he had… only he didn’t get the rest of his lunch back.

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