hang on to sunday.


‘do not let sunday be taken from you.

if your soul has no sunday, it becomes an orphan.”

-albert schweitzer


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      • Ha! yes, in a good way. Generally when I use a one word answer it means that I have too much to say to be comfortable in a comment – not a shortage of words. The picture reminds me of a pool on a hot day – very inviting. In this society (or at least when I was growing up) Sundays were set aside for relationships and visiting. Be it church, a visit to Grandma’s, a drive with Auntie, family picnics, etc. Few stores were open 50 years ago on Sunday. If one defines an orphan as someone who does not have parents – metaphorically a history either socially or relationship wise – then working Sunday weakened the relationship bonds with community and family and Friends and basically makes the person a social orphan. We often desire social ties as it seems to complete us, much as a dip in a cool pool on a hot day soothes and energizes us. To me the message is: Take the time to enjoy yourself and immerse yourself in that which completes you.

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  1. When I was a kid, NOTHING was open on Sunday. Well, maybe ice cream shops and family restaurants (I was a kid, so my observational skills were kind of narrow!). We drove around for fun and came up with things to do as a family not involving anything but us. Times sure have changed!

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    • So did we. I never knew how broke we were. Sundays were for taking drives or going on picnics and even driving to an ice cream place and hour away. i am a 50’s baby. I have the best memories as a child and I think that is what so many kids are lacking today. They don’t even sit around the dinner table and eat except in TV shows.

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