i went to the official opening 

of the local headquarters 


my choice of candidates

for the office of

the next

president of the united states of america.

when i pulled into the parking lot

there was not a space to be had 

there was a torrential downpour of rain 

yet people of all ages

were waiting


pouring out of the door


once i walked into the room

there was

so much enthusiasm 


so full of hope


postive thinking

it was overwhelming

 i’m excited to say that

tomorrow i’ll begin helping them

to try to make it all happen in november.

“act as if what you do makes a difference. it does.”

~william james

image credit: googleimages

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  1. Way to go, Beth. And thank you for not turning this wonderful post into a pitch for a political candidate. The way you wrote it is inclusive rather than divisive and I love that approach during these times of radical divisiveness.

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  2. Choosing the right candidate takes a lot of time and effort,
    but with such enthusiasm, everything is achieved in a much
    happier process, and it is lovely peeps like you that make
    it all happen 🙂 Well done you.

    Andro xx

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