last days.



“your modem has seen its last days.”

these are the words

that two different

comcast/xfinity customer service phone helper elves

uttered to me

when i read them the 267 digits and a couple of random letters

imprinted on the back of my modem

and described

what it was/was not doing

is this grim prognosis part of the script?

we then went through

a series of modem exercises

as a last ditch effort

to try to revive it

all were hit or miss

all to no avail

until it was confirmed

at last

that it had indeed

passed on


 we scheduled an appointment

to have an elf come and remove the old one

to replace it with

a new, younger and more glamorous model

though we had no history

and i feared it would never be the same.

“technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.”

-aldous huxley

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  2. Comcast has a list of recommended and compatible modems, updated as modems are no longer fast enough or up to date. I go to that list, find the one that I want, and buy it myself. If you buy it from Comcast, you will pay too much, especially if you “rent” the modem from them.

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  3. Doesn’t technology drive you nuts? Love it when it works right, but hate it when it breaks down….I have a love/hate relationship with it. At&T accidentally kicked off our service last week while fixing someone else’s and wanted us to wait 36 hours before fixing it…just love customer service these days..oh well… 😉

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  4. I still have a television with an old video cassette (VCR) tape player in my dining area. When Nana wants to lounge on her sofa and watch Hallmark movies, we set up a campground with tent and outdoor seating in my dining room and pop an old Curious George or other “ancient” film in. This works out once in a blue moon! 😉

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