a trio of kinders, a ring of keys, a door to our classroom….

“optimism is the key.”

-will champion


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  1. Says so much.
    I remember a teacher in our infants class speaking of children who may struggle, she used reading as an example but was speaking in general. She said as long as they are encouraged and believe in themselves they will eventually find the key.
    As a mother of four I’ve often watched from the sidelines as they search for those keys and their delight when they open the door.

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  2. I think grandies and your students are so full of perseverance as youngsters! I wish we “all” carried such capabilities to keep on trying into our older ages. My grandies just love asking whose turn it is to use the keys to open my building, my apartment door and then the mailbox down the hall. This works out perfectly when only 3 kids at a time!! 😉

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