dequindre cut.


working together on a community cleanup project at *the dequindre cut in detroit

on a day filled with helping hands

larger than life art

walkers, runners, bikers, dogs and blue skies.

*the dequindre cut greenway is an urban recreational path in downtown detroit that opened to the public in May of 2009. … formerly a grand trunk railroad line, the dequindre cut is a predominately below-street level 2 mile long greenway with separate lanes for cyclists and pedestrians. 

“if your support the community, they will support you.”

-jerry greenfield

dequindre-cut, detroit riverfront conservancy

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  1. Your little helpers are learning how to “pay forward” along with enjoying the outdoors. Such sweethearts! ❤
    I like greenways which create such lovely spaces within a city. Taking the already cleared land and making it into bicycle, people and pets path really is intelligent usage, Beth.

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  2. On a Michigan subject, the Final Four flooring was created from 500 sugar maples from your state, sent to Idaho to become flooring, then down to Phoenix, utilizing 125 U.S. workers. Our news has America Strong messages at 6:57 pm each night. . .

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