chicken or the egg?


today, mr. roger, our snowplow driver

came back to our room

and brought some of his favorite birds to meet us

these two are chickens named marco polo and maranella

and they are married.

his granddaughter has a chicken for a pet and reads with it

and he really loves birds

even more than snowplowing.

mr. roger even showed us some of maranella’s treasures – her eggs

and we had the chance to gently touch everything and ask all kinds of questions.

it was amazing because he knew all of the answers.

he sure knows a lot about a lot.

“if I hadn’t started painting, i would have raised chickens.”

-grandma moses

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  2. Love it! My son has chickens at his kinder and you’d think their eggs were golden to see his smile of delight on discovering one or two as his day begins. Big smile on this side of the world thank you Beth πŸ™‚

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  3. This Mr. Rogers is such a nice guy and friend to the classroom! πŸ™‚
    I have a dear Filipino friend, Mary Jane, who has doves in one (outdoors) house, pigeons in another and a few chickens and a proud rooster in a pen. The hen she dearly loves follows her around and is like a “shadow.” I joked about calling her Penny like from Henny Penny character from the story. She says she would like to bring her inside as she is growing old but her hubby doesn’t think it is sanitary.

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  4. You must know I love happy chicken stories. Mine are so much fun. One, Squire, even lives in the house. He has his own nook in the bathroom, complete with his own perch. All three love going outside, but I’m afraid to let them out alone, especially this time of year. Chickens are predator bait. Hawks, owls, raccoons, dogs, and–worst of all–foxes know they’re here. I had three fox attacks in three years, all except last year.

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  5. My dad raised chickens and if I fed them and gathered eggs every morning, I got part of the coop to raise pigeons. I had a rooster that would follow me all around the backyard–because I’d dig holes for him in our vegetable garden so he could find worms:)

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