ninjas don’t wear underwear.


as i walked in with one of the grandies to his ninja training class

and asked if he had everything he needed

before he scrambled off to

jump, climb, twirl, crawl, and yell

his deadpan answer was

“ninjas don’t wear underwear.”

i suspect that he created this rule

because he didn’t feel like putting them on

and he quickly adopted this as his mantra.

ninjas are clever.

β€œtrue ninjas are always outnumbered, because they are individuals.”

-jarius raphel


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  1. Love this! Kids are so quick and clever:) I wasn’t (I’m slow at everything, even thinking), but my sister was fast. She loved to cuss and say, “Jesus Christ!” and my mom threatened to wash out her mouth with soap, but she slipped and said it anyway, and we heard Mom barrelling toward us, and just like that–Patty was on her knees, hands together, and said, “Amen.” Mom couldn’t help it. She busted out laughing.

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  2. Ha! This was a good way to start my morning. Love it when people make me smile. Kids trying to pass off as Ninjas all the time in this household, but we managed to get through that phase. Love that quote too! You find good ones πŸ™‚

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