kind of funny

that the weather channel on tv

that was supposed to warn me

about incoming dangerous storms

wasn’t working right

because of the incoming dangerous storms.

every so often

a word like ‘severe’ would pop up

and disappear back into the screen

hope it wasn’t saying,

‘turn this off and take cover immediately!’


‘if you can see this, you are in harm’s way!’

at least i lived to tell the tale

and that is still working for me. 

“weather forecast for tonight: dark.”

-george carlin

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  1. Sometimes we just need a good laugh, even if a storm whips up 80 year old Magnolias and elms, you know it’s there, you hear it drop, and the water whips everything in its path rushing in a power path of wind and here we are now tornado ally in north Georgia west through Alabama, so when the winds come and a word or two comes through I get out a book it doesn’t strike me again. Three times this house took trees 60 years old by effervescent flashes of lightening just like everywhere else I’ve even lived being struck by lightening is just a thing a thing I accept and await even with back up 20 pound batteries and master circuit breaker, everything on circuit breakers, three lightening rods and I just laugh and say well yeah sky and wind gonna find another way to try to take me down and I ain’t going, take it all like it did before and burned my house down, been there done that and I restrain quickly from pouring buckets of hate on anyone who says “yeah it’s good to clear down to minimum things”…..? What? What? Goodbye. ha! Some people, I prefer it that way, just a word or two “severe” “rainstorms and winds’ buzzzz biazzzzzz snap bam crackle and snap again, and I’ll thank you again for a poem that made me laugh cause I been in it that way and it’s all you can do, just say oh well and find a laugh in darkness hanging with Carlin and big Jamaican 1978 joint.

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  2. “Turning to scattered light in the morning.”

    Seriously, get a weather radio. That will warn you when there’s severe weather in your area, even in the middle of the night. I have the Accuweather app on my phone, and that does, too, but the weather radio is the most reliable.

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    • always happy to offer a good laugh, and you aren’t kidding about the irish. i was there last summer and heard about the weather in most every discussion.


  3. Aww, your part of the country has had challenges with weather, you tend to lose electricity and go for quite a few surprises. So happy you didn’t have your cute cottage take off in a tornado or any other crazy weather disasters, Beth!

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