parks – a


and so –

my ann arbor parks walk (150+) has begun

here are the ‘a’s

#1 – Allmendinger Park

 old school merry go round, in neighborhood in town, near the stadium, got really lost walking home from there and doubled my walk, picnic spots with grills, volleyball, old trees, basketball, tennis, baseball diamonds, ice skating in winter

– 8 acres

#2 – arbor hills nature area

between neighborhoods, ponds, loud frogs, birds, picnic spots in sweeping expanses under trees, wooded trails, scared a woman when i emerged from the woods who was shocked that i had found it

– 6 acres

#3 –  Arbor Oaks

neighborhood park, basketball, open pergolas, open fields, picnic area, pirate themed playground, rain garden, baseball, i was the only person there on the day i visited

-8 acres

#4 –  Argo Nature Area

– unpaved trails with beautiful views of the river, livery with canoes/kayak/paddle board rentals,  river cascades, long, narrow park, large variety of trees, wildflowers, very quiet in the woods

-22 acres 

and onward……many more to follow

“i believe that there is a subtle magnetism in nature,

which, if we unconsciously yield to it,

will direct us aright.”

―henry david thoreau

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