pajama walk.


if getting in your pajamas at 7:30

and going to the playground

and a singing stroll until darkΒ 

is wrong,

then we don’t want to be right.

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  1. I used to love my Saturday lie in so much that I used to put on a dressing gown and shoes and go off to the shops to buy the paper so I could then return to bed and enjoy a proper lie in together with coffee and perhaps a brief re-snooze before rising to face the day in more formal attire !

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  2. I may be a little crazy to admit this but we did the same thing of going before bedtime to the park to play!! 😊 (My three M’s) They wore clothes since our park is a little dirty and I have to pay to clean linens in our laundry room.
    They would love to have had some friends to play with, Beth. Yours are such cuties! We had the playground to ourselves. Teens were at the skate park, so we stopped to watch. πŸ‚

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  3. Love this!
    While not quite the same as going out in pajamas on a summer night, my granddaughter and I love to sneak out early in the morning in our PJ’s to water the flowers or sit in the arbor and watch the day begin. πŸ™‚

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  4. I think I feel a song coming on:
    If walking in p.j.s is wrong,
    I don’t want to be write,
    If walking in yellow striped pants,
    makes no sense at all
    Then I gotta tell ya
    I am not six foot tall
    Just because I’m a fool
    and a really funny sight,
    Does that mean I can’t walk
    In yellow striped pants?

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