for some reason

in anticipation of the upcoming solar eclipse 

i decided that it would be a great time

to make 120 ‘solar eclipse’ cookies.

the plan was to give them to 3 different groups of people

who i would see this weekend

the recipe looked quite easy

and fitting in with the spirit of the big day

the idea was to add the sun yellow and moon chocolate icings

to the perfect moon shapes

increasing the dark moon coverage on each one

showing all of the phases of the eclipse

during the process

 smoke and grease and sugar and cocoa and lemon

filled the kitchen

it took hours

the outcome was not quite as i expected

i’m not sure what exactly went wrong

but i am sure there were lots of things that did

the end result was best described by

steve carell while in character on ‘the office’ –

“it looks like it was put together by baby monkeys living on a farm.”

i’m going to embrace that and take it as a compliment 

i know that the eclipse makes lots of things go a bit off kilter

and i can’t wait to see how excited everyone is

to receive this very special gift from me. 

“there’s a victory in letting go of your expectations.”
-mike white

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  1. The cookies may not have turned out as you expected, but your intentions were both kind and creative. On that score, your caper was a HUGE success! Happy “eclipse eve,” Beth! 🙂

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    • there you go, there is always something. i just had such a good laugh because they were so different from what i envisioned. it looked like such an easy task. a metaphor for life, perhaps?


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  3. Oh Beth. How clever of you. I bet they tasted good too. I had a hiccup this weekend as well. Set out to make marmalade with the fruit given to me by generous friends. Alas, what I got was toffee stuck to the pan. Ah well, to orrow is another day.

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  4. You might just be a genius. Sounds like you could bake cookies for world peace and send a dozen to Donald Trump and a dozen to Kim Jung un. They would be so good that the results would be world peace. It’s a dream but who knows? Cookies for Peace. Now that’s something.

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