books change lives.


spent a few beautiful afternoon hours

at the kerrytown bookfest

in the ann arbor farmers market

where i usually find the flowers and fruit

on this day

i found all kinds of wonders

 new and used books

interesting genres

 loved the gunslingers section

illustrators proud of their work

fellow book loving shoppers

 passionate authors of all kinds


so many, many words

“reading is an exercise in empathy;

an exercise in walking in someone else’s shoes for a while.”

-malorie blackman

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  1. used to spend hours in my youth wandering round the old bookstores in Edinburgh – sadly gone now – books on shelves, books piled on tables, on chairs, and the floor, with little sense of organisation in terms of author, subject matter , or genre – and a distinctive musty odour filling the air

    always felt a sense of adventure entering these old bookstores – a bit like an explorer, but without a map to mark the spot, not knowing what literary treasure I might find within !

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  2. I love books and I look for them in all kinds of places, library, used bookstores, vendors on the street and book fairs. I think I might need to go here to check out getting books in Ann Arbor as well. Thanks Beth it sounds like an awesome idea and a perfect place if you are a book lover. I also love the quote.

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  3. I just left Dr. French a note that I bought a bumper sticker with that saying on it. I don’t put them on my car, at least not so far but wanted to post the bumper sticker on my blog. I live for books and if there is money left, as the old quote somewhat goes, I eat. If there are no books in heaven, I’m not going. 🙂 Offer me a book or cake and I will chose the book every time and imagine the taste of the cake while I’m lost in the book. I haven’t seen an old bookstore in many years. How lovely to find them at the farmers market. Books and food. 🙂

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  4. I read of a place recently where it is known to have the most wonderful and “biggest” book shelves. They ask a low price for the books they sell.
    I think your Ann Arbor sounds like a fairy tale! I like it when people gather and share so much. . .

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