it’s all about that stance.

elvis’ fight-stopping karate stance memorial plaque

in 1977, elvis presley, while riding to madison from the airport, noticed a street fight in progress at a service station. while his limo was stopped at the nearby red light, the king ran from the car and threatened the combatants with a classic karate stance.

the young men recognized elvis and stopped fighting in favor of shaking hands with the star. elvis reportedly left after ensuring that everything was settled and taking time to shake hands with several onlookers. elvis died 52 days later.

the incident was reported by thomas still for The State Journal, who called it presley’s biggest brawl since Jailhouse Rock. a plaque to commemorate the event is installed where the gas station once stood. it shows elvis with a guitar and in a pseudo-karate stance and describes the incident.

‘if there hadn’t been an elvis, there wouldn’t have been the beatles.’ 

-john lennon

credit: atlas obscura, the state journal, thomas still

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  1. And remember, when he did this, if it was 52 days before he died, he was in his fat Elvis stage of life. It must have been more comical than awesome. PS. If you ever get to Memphis, Graceland is a hoot. When I lived there, I took all visitors to see it. Long live the king!

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  2. I had heard a story of Howard Cosell (Yes, Howard Cosell!) once getting out of a car to stop a street fight with a lecture in a bad part of town (and it worked since the fighters recognized his voice and became too starstruck to fight anymore), but this is the first I’ve heard of Elvis playing the peacemaker!

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