i so enjoyed irish musician

glen hansard

one of my absolute favorites

you may remember him from the indie film ‘once’

for his surprise academy award for best song that year

for his heartfelt, passionate, and powerful music

or perhaps not at all

but on this night

he told the stories behind each of his songs

invited detroit musicians up on stage with him

sang a traditional irish song with his entire crew

including the roadies

giving each a chance to shine

asked the audience to sing with him 

and graciously thanked all for being a part of this night

i’ve seen him with his band ‘the frames’

and with his partner as the ‘swell season’ duet

and this time

with a mix of irish, canadian, and american musicians

all playing as one

and i was amazed all over again. 

“music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.”

-ludwig van beethoven

below is a live version of a song (fitzcaraldo)

that he performed in ireland with the frames,

definitely worth 6 minutes of your life.

hang in there until the end. 

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    • it was and yes, about once. they made it quickly, with a skeleton budget and improvised quite a lot of it. the result was a wonderful film. hope you have the chance to see him live the next time he’s near you )

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  1. Thank you for posting this video and your review of the event – it sounds like something I would have loved as well. I don’t remember hearing the name Glen Hansard but now I”m intrigued.
    The lyrics make me think and guess. I caught the line “the journey isn’t’ over”. It inspires me. It’s a good way to think when you are facing retirement.
    Music draws us together on the same page – it’s something that I’ve loved forever. It’s why singing the national anthem at large events is so moving – it’s not the lyrics so much as the togetherness and the heft of the voices.

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  2. Ah, yes, from one of my favorite movie-themed films, ‘The Commitments,’ this man is truly in his element on the YouTube shared by you, Beth. Thanks for reminding me of Glen. You are so fortunate that he visited your fair town!

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