march forward in march.


proud to march today

with neighbors near and far

and with daughter and grandies

carrying the spirit and our legacy.



“only those with tenacity can march forward in march”
― ernest agyemang yeboah





credit: click on detroit, wdiv-tv, meredith bruckner


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  1. I am sooooo proud of these young people. In a time of their lives when they should be worried about studies, graduating from high school and what new style of clothing is hip, these kids are taking on a task so long ignored and under served by those of us that call ourselves adults that it makes me proud (of them) and ashamed (of those of us old enough to know better). My concern (at this point) is that they continue their plight and that no harm come to any of them….In interviews, they expressed that their lives were being threatened and this concerns me very much. Our children should not have to worry about such things, but do, unfortunately. My hat’s off to you and your little ones for marching. We held a march here, too, in little Sequim, Wa. Hugs, Lucie

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    • yes, to all of that, lucie. i worry about them too, but i think i would worry even more if things were to continue on as they are. thank you for supporting this much overdue and much needed change.

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