dollar for dollar.


when one local dollar tree store closed

my favorite enthusiastic manager

moved to the new location

and judging by my recent visit

he has not lost one bit

of his dollar store fervor and expertise.

this was a conversation between bob (the manager) and evelyn (my cashier) as i was checking out:

E: “bob, you’re really good at remembering all of the balloon numbers to ring up and knowing each one of them without looking.”

B: “well, i’ve been doing it a long time. once in a while a number will change or a new shape will come in, like a unicorn, but it’s part of my job to keep up with it.”

E: “when i worked at the grocery store, i knew all the prices for the cucumbers, the peppers and tomatoes. the easy ones”

B: “some are trickier, like avocados, and for some of those things you only see sometimes it’s harder to remember the all the plu’s.”

E: “it’s really a skill, bob. to be able to do that.”

customer john interrupts:

J: “hey bob – so this is where you’ve got up to – how are you liking the change?”

B: “hey, john. good to see you. it’s great. every day is great. i’m so lucky to be here.”

and how lucky is dollar tree to have bob as a manager?

a man who truly loves his job

 takes pride in all of it

is always smiling and helpful

knows exactly where every item in the store is located

and who happily learns the number for the new unicorn balloon.

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  1. There are some truly amazing people doing what they love out there – you can spot them a mile away. In every profession – glad you teach kinders – they need someone like you to lead them. Enjoy your summer.

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    • and those people can be found in all kinds of places and spaces, and you are right, they are so easy to spot. i feel lucky to spend my working days teaching the kinders and thank you )

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  2. I like Bob. I like Evelyn who appreciated Bob. I like John and Beth, who were both appreciative of Bob and Evelyn. This reminds me of Mike Rowe who suggests when we have a job, we become the best at what that job requires. It’s not about what we do, but how we do it. (I really paraphrased that!)

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