what a wonderful surprise

when at my salon

in the midst of the day’s music

‘say my name’ came on

 one of the stylists

began singing along

 before long

some of the staff

joined in

clients were

at least smiling if not singing

the space was filled with

song and dance and laughter

a sudden burst of happiness for no reason

the best kind

the woman cutting my hair

asked out loud

“why not?”


“the only thing better than singing is more singing. 

-ella fitzgerald




image credit: john drysdale, 1978, london, england

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  1. Your very own mini flash mob. Awesome, Beth. So lacking in the world lately. We had a fundraiser at my boys’ primary school the other day where parents squirted colored dust all over kids as they completed activities. Everyone was dressed in white at the start and came out rainbow colored at the end. I haven’t seen so many adults acting like kids for ages…and loving it. The response from the kids was out of this world 🙂

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  2. I’d never heard the song before. Listened to the music video (do they still call them that?) and marveled at all the costume and set changes. Certainly puts the one’s I saw in the 80’s to shame.

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