see the song.


“when it’s cold you can see the song.”

the bird appears to be sending smoke signals as it braves sub-zero temperatures in a park in the city of petrozavodsk, russia. mikhail kalinin, 34, an electric locomotive engineer spotted the chirping bird’s condensation rising up out from it’s beak with the temperature below -5 degrees celsius.







credits: Mikhail Kalinin/Solent News


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  1. but it sort of looks like it’s blowing smoke rings, too, haha. Pretty little yellow thing it is. And brave if it is so cold. No birds singing or even blowing smoke here in Minnesota right now.

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  3. I found your great post via Jennie’s share. What an image! I agree with all of the comments about perseverance and joy. And there may also be some hormones related to establishing territory and/or finding a mate which are involved in this epic song during sub-zero weather… As a musician and singer who often walks around his neighborhood singing (in order to memorize song lyrics), I feel a humble kinship and great respect for this bird. Thank you to the man who took the photo, and thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.

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