i so love

my favorite italian restaurant’s

children’s menu options:

bambini –




no other options needed in my opinion

the holy trinity of italian children’s food.

“oh, my God, I love pasta.”

-lana condor



image credit: eating – menu credit: mani osteria

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  1. It’s so funny that, 1. I just happened to spy the ‘subject’ pasta in your list of categories, and 2. I just had spaghetti marinara for lunch, and 3. That pasta is such a universal thing everyone should write at least one post about it. This means I am behind in my pasta post production. I may have to presto my pesto to meet my rotini ratio. My proportion of penne. My quadrucci quota. I had to Google that last one. I could not, off the top of my head, think of a Q-based pasta. It will be to my everlasting shame that I could not.

    (On a separate note, my ability to speak Italian is based solely on my knowledge of ingredients involving favorite pasta dishes. What do you suppose this says about me? Besides, basta pasta, of course!)

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