the tipping point.


saw this in the early morning when walking downtown 

I wonder about the story behind how it got there

was it a server at his/her limit

 finally reaching the tipping point

throwing down the apron 

tying them down

abandoning ship

hoping for

something better/different/new out there?

‘a single act of courage is often the tipping point for extraordinary change.’

-andy stanley

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  1. Ha ha ha — when I was 20 I worked in a K-Mart grill. After two weeks of split shifts my boss said, “You’re getting Sunday off, but you have to open (8 am) and close (10 pm) Saturday.”

    “Yay!” I thought.

    I went in, set up the hot trays for breakfast, served sold breakfast, cleaned the hot table, went home for two hours, came back, did the same for supper, set up everything, opened the snack bar, caught the assistant stealing from the cash register, fired her, ended up with both the snack bar and the cafeteria. Did a blue light special on cream pies. “But it’s OK. I have all of tomorrow off!” Phone rang.

    “Sorry babe. My husband and I decided to spend tomorrow up here at our mountain cabin. Can you open tomorrow?”

    I felt a cold and certain place inside. “Sure,” I said.

    “You’re the best.”

    I took off my apron. I didn’t turn off the hot table. I didn’t shut the snack bar. I didn’t follow through on the blue light special. I hung my apron on the refrigerator door with a note, “That’s just unfair.” and walked out.

    A couple weeks later they called me in to collect my pay (paid in cash). “I’m going to see you never work in another K-Mart,” said the personnel manager.

    “Promise?” I said.

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  2. Can totally relate! I too reached my tipping point a few months ago. Left a job and never went back. The event which to quitting forced me to realize what really makes me happy — not having a boss! 😁 Self employment suits me well! 😎

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