fun is just a bite away.


I’m curious why

there would be signs

distinguishing between

‘candy’ and kids candy?’

and then the added category of

‘candy bars.’

what if the sign just read ‘candy’ ?

I’ve never considered candy to be age-specific.

are toxic extreme sour patch garbage pail warheads

the gateway into a peppermint patty?

seems like it should be the other way around.

what’s the cutoff age to qualify to eat adult candy?

is it humiliating if you’re an adult and are seen eating the kid’s candy?

is it open season to eat the bars and all ages are welcome?

do you have to get someone to buy for you

if you don’t look the proper age?

do they see it as marketing to 3 different groups

each needing their own candy sign

all in one aisle?

who sorts them and decides which is suited for which?

I like to live on the edge and went with the rollos.


“taste the rainbow.”
John Bowen

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  1. The dangers and merits (?) of Halloween…. (I’m still unable to see any merits in this custom and nobody explained it to me in a way so that I can make sense for whole nations going candy crazy and spending insane sums of money for costumes… Suggestins to make me ‘get it’ are welcome!

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  2. I always buy ‘pop rocks’ for all the kiddo Christmas stockings. Only because they sell peppermint flavored at Christmas and I can justify ‘testing’ the kid candy before I gift it to them.

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  3. Very good questions. I absolutely love candy. I’m not ashamed to admit that I always have candy in my purse, my pockets, and in my car at all times. Here are my categories: Purse candy, pocket candy, car candy, fancy candy that goes in jars on the side table in the living room, and personal stash candy that no one is allowed to touch, also known as “hiding candy.” Enjoy!

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