this one is sure to make a comeback.

yes, most of the leaves have dropped off, but I see a hint of color.

ignore the brown, there is still a flower.

these are a few of the thoughts that cross my mind

as I try to nurture and revive

some of my indoor plants

that have chosen to be

“on a break from thriving right now”

for some reason I will not give up

as long as there is one stick left in a pot

my optimism refuses surrender

and still i wait for my green thumb to appear.

the fact is

that I love to garden

I love flowers, I love plants, I love trees

I am a nurturer by nature

but it is all a trial and error process for me

my middle daughter once stood in the middle of my yard and said,

“if you had everything you ever planted,

we would be standing in a botanical garden right now.”

I really loved that.

what an excellent point.

“gardening is not a rational act.”    

-margaret atwood

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  1. I agree with your daughter. I too protect my plants and blooms with an ardour to surprise myself. But then: They are living creatures, so how could we NOT care for them right to the last ending of hope?

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  2. I love plants. I love to ‘see’ the life of them. I am not blessed with plant wisdom. I gave up gardens a very long time ago. But in the last few years I have decided I could do planters, large ones, outside. It has been fun, and they LIVED. I love love and love some more, this post.

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  3. Love it!
    Myself I have a ton of flowers in the house that get outside in the spring and summer. But the last time I went on vacation in the tropical south, my heart went out to my ‘Captive’ plants that don’t grow where and how they should.
    Weird, but I see them now as like the ‘Caged Bird’ alive and living but not the free spirits they should be. 😦

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  4. I LOVE PLANTS. THEY DO NOT LOVE ME. I freely admit that I have the polar opposite of a “Green thumb” – but I will not give up, because when a plant chooses to respond well to my attempt to feed it, it gives me hope that I can do it again!

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  5. I can totally agree with this. I tried doing an indoor green house last spring and ended up killing most of the dumb seedlings with moisture. I’ll try again this year, but I really have to admire anyone who manages to master indoor gardening in a Midwest winter!

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