happy hour.


i expect this to be our look on day 3.

we began a virtual family happy hour

on day 1

we all looked pretty good

some having worked online that day

some in self-quarantine

kids and spouses and pets in and out

on day 2

one of us was in a sports bra

one of us was wearing the same shirt from day 1

there was a spill

looking forward to day 3.


“why limit happy to an hour?”     

w.c. fields



image credit: the telegraph 

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  1. This made me laugh out loud. It is perfect! You have captured the moment. We, in all our differences, our similarities, our states of mind, confused, scared, strong, and still laughing, are family. Optimic and full of love, together is a wonderful place to be.

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  2. Looooool
    What a gr8 way of approaching this situation. I am probably the pink bunny, he looks very scared on his high seat, and when skiing, I always was a bit scared for not getting off correctly upon arrival on the mountain…..

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  3. I actually wore a nice shirt yesterday because one of my work-from-home chores was a Facebook Live video, Beth. (Yes, I did wear pants, too, although my home capture never got down that far.)
    I like your imagined outfits for sure!

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