(not me, but a puppy who has my dream hair color and is comfortably wearing earbuds)

that aha moment

when after 62 years and some months

your ear buds once again fall out when walking 

 you have your glasses on

you look down before trying to put them back in

 you notice that earbuds are marked ‘r’ and ‘l’ for right and left

that they are meant to go in the corresponding ears

you realize that you actually do have ear canals

and there is a way to ensure they will not continue to fall out every 3.5 minutes.

“the “aha” moment is a validating experience for your efforts

and at the same time changes your paradigm of the world in favor of a more accurate one.

Campbell simply says “it wipes out the ego.”

― Roumen Bezergianov, Character Education with Chess



image credit: pinterest

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  1. Aha moments…they are so brief and, yet the thrill lasts so long. It’s like at one moment you don’t know something, and the next you do! That interval between knowing and not knowing so tiny it defies explanation, yet so life changing!
    Thank you once again b1 for your insites on your journey.

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  2. I got ones that fit over your ears. They are soft and don’t hurt or bother glasses and I NEVER have a problem. I was so incredibly frustrated with the things falling out CONSTANTLY that I finally did something about it. Now I’m happy and never have a problem. They are perfect.

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  3. Such a discussion starter,! Who would have thought that?!
    I found out v.quickly when they fell out repeatedly within about 2min
    So, I had a closer look and saw that they were formed differently ( but not signed r and l OR I didn’t see that). Now I’m ok.
    This was great fun and entertainment!

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  4. I love “aha” moments. I heard that’s when our true inner insight, shines through. ❤
    P.S. my ear buds keep falling out too when I'm walking and listening to a book. I think you and I just have small ear canals! 🙂

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