i’ve finally found my perfect soap for all this scrubbing.

a little glitter can really turn things around. 

 “it is the art of mankind to polish the world, and every one who works is scrubbing in some part.”

 -Henry David Thoreau




image credit: google images

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  1. Just yesterday I was talking with my daughter about one of her homework assignments at the dining room table when I noticed a bunch of sparkles on the table cloth, and I started laughing. Leftovers from some Christmas projects that I had, somehow, missed! This post reminded me of those and how you always had glitter on you or in your hair.
    Thank you for SPARKING those memories.

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  2. Wait until your students discover this trick! I can’t wait to read the post about the plumber coming out to your classroom, saying that your pipes have a remarkable amount of glitter in them.😎

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