daily specials.


(not my breakfast, but how i imagine it to look if i had ordered the daily specials)

how fun to discover

that one of my favorite breakfast places

has changed up their menu a bit

(maybe now that the students are back on campus?)

adding 11 ‘breakfast beers’

and a daily special ofΒ 

cake and ice cream

“celebrate everyday like your birthday!”

what’s not to celebrate?

“i discovered a meal between breakfast and brunch.”

  • -homer




avalon bakery and cafe, ann arbor, mi, usa

late summer 2020


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  1. how wonderful… but honestly, breakfast beers???
    I tend to treat every day not like my birthday (I’m not into sugary desserts) but rather as a new wonderful occasion to lead a great life…. with ever-changing success! πŸ˜‰

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  2. I’ll order the breakfast special Beth,,, Carrot cake & ice-cream, sounds fabulous, and for a breakfast beer, I’l have the Jolly Pumpkin Barn Farmhouse Ale….. I’ll being celebrating my/our anniversary tomorrow (Sept 10th)….xx

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  3. When we are on vacation together, George Three and I once in a while celebrate with a breakfast beer, a tradition we started in Hawaii when breakfast time was actually lunch hour back home. Karen joined us there but not so much on mainland vacations. Elisabeth is not a beer lover at any time of the day … Cake and ice cream, though, she’s all in.

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  4. There’s a bar in Philadelphia near Jefferson Hospital that had people coming off the night shift–apparently they used to get a crowd of people in the morning who would order breakfast and beer. (This was before the pandemic.)

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