run across america.


yesterday i took part in the ‘run across america’ 

a virtual 5k race 

that takes place all over the country,

with the usual

friendly competition, medals, t-shirts

only each person chooses their own route.

registration fees, (free for teachers)

support Feeding America, Jumpstart, and Common Ground, 

nonprofits currently tackling big challenges.

to join the Fall 5k, you simply register on the site,

download the running app,

put on your shoes on October 3rd, activate the app, and go. 

 after you’re done running/walking,

you’ll see how you performed versus others all over the country.

(as of this writing, i’m ranked 4,770th, so -)

   your race has to start and end on October 3rd,

but your timing is up to you.

to make sure everyone across the country

has time to get the race done in their own time zone,

you can start any time after 12:01am EDT

and need to be done by 11:59pm Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time.

that gives you 30 hours to get your 5 km done

and that is my kind of race!

‘some walks you have to take alone.’

-suzanne collins

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  1. What a cool idea! I wish I would’ve heard about this sooner, I might have participated. That’s okay. I run to maintain my health. I might get too competitive if I start running races. LOL! It does sound like fun and I hope you enjoyed yourself!

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  2. Oh man! I just saw this! I would have joined you had I seen it. What a dork I am. How was it?! How great. I love your ranking. Own it! And be proud I’m always glad to hear about people doing things like this. High five!

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