“am i living in a simulation?” – charlie brooker


who could possibly part with this?

the hurricane simulator

is on the trash heap

behind a bowling alley

why has no one snatched it up?

has it lost its luster, its wind, its power to awe?

looks a time-travel machine to me if there ever was one. 




“nature isn’t classical, dammit,

and if you want to make a simulation of nature,

you’d better make it quantum mechanical,

and by golly it’s wonderful problem,

because it doesn’t look easy.”

-richard p. feynman (american theoretical physicist)

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  1. Hurricane simulator – why? Just move to Florida! I can’t imagine getting into one of those things. We lived in Florida for 5 months in 2003 and went through 3 hurricanes – it was awful. We said, enough is enough!

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  2. I want to know the backstory of the hurricane simulator. Part of my fascination comes from wanting to know how someone came up with this idea and if it was popular at one time.

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