madelines on my mind.



shared a kitchen and an online live cooking class

with one of my grandies today

we had

a fast-working sur la table pastry chef

 equipment, ingredients, and time

 we both worked hard for 2 hours

improvised along the way

 scrambled to find things

as the chef added in a few surprises

like making two royal icings

of different consistencies

all while

white chocolate melted

dark chocolate melted

not burning

never mixing

coloring the icings

buttering and chilling the pan


after many, many steps

 we had pretty much trashed the entire kitchen

but in the end

we had created

wonderful french madelines – vanilla bean halloween style

 more tiny cakes than cookies.

“cooking is at once child’s play and adult joy. and cooking done with care is an act of love.”

-craig claiborne


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  1. Yes, the classic French madeleine is the perfect cross between cookie and pastry, A breakfast staple in many European homes. I know it was a lot of work, but you not only made a delicious treat together, you made fond memories. Now I am hungry!

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  2. the tastes, the mess, the bickering and the accomplishment will all be part of the story told in years to come. Your grandies are fortunate to have a bond as good as that icing with their grandmum. Cheers to you both. (And I’m curious – would you share whose class you did online?)

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  3. Cooking has a soothing effect. Especially when you aren’t in a hurry to serve a meal to the family. It’s just you, your thoughts, your plans, and the kitchen 🙂 Sort of self-discovery.

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  4. That’s what I said to HH when he came to table approx 45’ AFTER I had cooked (and eaten alone). I made a wonderful creamy risotto, risotto, a labour of love (because you must be stirring gently those rice kernels)….. he still liked it and shovelled lots of chicken breast pices in a lovely sauce on his plate – but when I cook with so much love and attention, I don’t want him to spoil the feast with 2h phone calls…. rant over¨!

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  5. Beth, I am SO impressed! Baking is that oddest of combinations: chemistry and love. I live in Germany, where amazing bakeries stand at every corner. This is not an exaggeration: I can immediately think of 5 bakeries within 3 blocks of our apartment! So I do not bake often, unless it’s something I cannot find made with much less fuss (and much more success) than if I do it. My imaginary chef’s hat is toffed to you….

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