why, you might ask, is this large ceramic cat sitting in the water?

while visiting my friend’s house

i asked.

years ago

someone in the family took a ceramics class

made several large animals

gifted them to his children

who gifted them to each other

left them at each others’ houses

 used them in a variety of ways

including an outdoor towel holder

somehow over time

this one went to live in the water

looking back at the family on the shore

probably thinking the family was unusual

wondering their story

there is always a story.


“we are not interested in the unusual, but in the usual seen unusually.”     

-beaumont newhall

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  1. It looks like a Tasmanian Devil resting on the Ocean Grove foreshore, not far from the family homestead, called Tullawalla….
    “Life’s picture is not always what we see
    But what we imagine life to be..”

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  2. THIS is brilliant! My aunts had a ceramic head off of a small nun statue…no idea how that came in to play. Every year whoever had it somehow managed to get it to the other in a manner they wouldn’t expect. One year my aunt received a sealed box of chocolates from the other aunt. She opened the box and there lay the nuns head in one of the candy compartments. I love this kind of stuff. Thank you Beth!

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  3. My mother made several downright ghastly things in ceramics class, including a 2.5 foot frog. Wish I had had the sense of humor to park it somewhere it would get a chuckle. It, and the giant red mushroom, got left behind a shed 6 or 8 houses ago, and probably freaked the new owners out.

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  4. I had to take an art class in my teacher prep classes, and somehow I got in a ceramics class with actual art students. The best story was when my glob of clay went flying off the wheel, and I had to ask another student if she could lift her foot so I could pick up my misshapen mass of clay. Very humbling.🤣🤣🤣

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