last weekend

at the 44th annual ann arbor folk festival

 5 live streamed hours on saturday night

every kind of music and performance

big and small

i once again

heard beautiful poems played

by my favorite pianist

george winston

whose song ‘thanksgiving’ i heard for the very first time

many years ago on the radio while on a road trip to toronto

having no idea who it was or what the song was

 being very moved by it

not knowing if i’d ever hear it again

  serendipity stepped in

when driving back home

with a windham hill artists’ compilation cd

an unexpected gift from my host

on which he was a featured artist playing that very song.

“music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.”

-pablo casals

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  1. George Winston and Ray Lynch were both suggested to me as music I needed to listen to in order to de-stress. I went from having cassette tapes of both to CDs of both, which I still have. I’m so glad to find someone else who gets moved by George Winston’s music!

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  2. Lyrics are but poems painted with the beautiful colors of music. And poetry is what turns music into a song. Like all things, if we are patient, our blessings always find their way back to us! Happy Super Bowl Sunday, Beth!

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  3. I was fortunate enough to witness George Winston perform in person when I worked for the big daily, and he became one of my piano favorites as well. Thanks for sharing this tale of introduction and continuing admiration, Beth.

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  4. In Crested Butte, Colorado, nearly every summer, George Winston comes to visit friends. While he’s there, he gives a free concert — the price is a contribution to the Food Bank — in a tiny venue, unadvertised. When we lived nearby, we always attended. No program, no intro, just this guy in a plaid shirt and jeans playing his music. What magic! He’s my favorite too, Beth.

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    • yes, I saw him live once in Detroit, and he quietly came on stage, in socks and just sat down and played beautiful music for hours. he does a free concert from home to raise money for the Feed America program, during the pandemic, and I watch and donate to every time I am able. he will be doing another one in Ann Arbor at the end of the month as another fund raiser. what a compassionate talented person he is

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