most obvious.


should we swim or play ice hockey today?

luckily this sign helps to make the decision easier.

“i try not to go the obvious route all the time,

but sometimes the most obvious is actually the best.”

-al yankovich




image credit: jim grampie, at gallup park, ann arbor

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  1. Oh, I’m also always beyond amused when I see such signs – although I rather see ‘walking on the ice strictly forbidden’ around Easter or later. The town people seem to forget which signs to take away when the snow and ice are long gone….

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  2. Thank goodness for the helpful sign. It’s no longer up, but there used to be a sign in our hometown that read “Sidewalk Ends.” I found it not only humorous because it was fairly obvious but also because it made me think of Shel Silverstein whenever I’d see the sign.

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