child’s story.


one of my favorite things is to hear a child tell a story.




image credit: nicolette sowder, wilderchild

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  1. Children tell stories wrapped in the never-ending colors of imaginations that have remained unjaded to possibilities. They can still see world that are eyes have lost to the reality of adulthood. They give words to the impossible, because to them, all things are still possible. Great post, Beth!

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  2. I’ve often wondered about a child’s imagination but I would never question it. If they say they saw something I believe them. That’s just me. I rather prefer a world with mysteries than a purely rational one. Lovely post Beth.

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  3. So good. I love watching children not only telling stories, but listening to them too. They get so intertwined with the story, and believe everything they hear with their entire soul. I actually just recently blogged on babies laughing, and a couple of the videos show the babies laughing as their dads read to them. I know they’re extremely young, but just watching the joy is infectious. It’s the same kind of joy that little kids have when they’re telling a story.

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  4. Some of my favorite stories and musings have come from my son. We were driving through the mountain pass to visit family when my son, about 3yo, asked, “Do volcanos like music?” He once said that different animals eat different kinds of bad dreams and a great alligator came and ate the scary dream about the Vampires for him. I thought on this a long time, how it could be an allegory. Perhaps the strengths of certain animal traits are best suited for fighting negative thoughts and nightmares. I think you’ve just given me inspiration for a new post. Creativity inspires creativity. πŸ™‚

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  5. I’ve ALWAYS believed this, and the most fun is when my grandkids go on and on about some magical fairyland that they’ve visited.. I believe in it too, as I still have memories of seeing gnomes (when I was around 3), and no one listening to me!

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