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For nearly a century, popular convenience store chain 7-eleven has been quenching consumer thirsts with Slurpees, and other refreshments. (It got the name 7-Eleven owing to its original operating hours—from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.—starting in 1946.)

With success comes the occasional hiccup, and not just from one too many Slurpees. As the world once again celebrated Slurpee 7-Eleven Day on July 11, it was not without some historical issues. Beginning in 2015, on this special day, 7-Eleven offered to fill up containers brought in by customers for just $1.50. The problem? Some decided to drag in kiddie pools, toilet bowls, and sleds to game the system. The following year, the store mandated that any container had to fit in a 10-inch cutout set up in stores.


p.s. for some inexplicable reason, the detroit market is the Slurpee capital of our nation


“had I known I was going to face down death today, I totally would’ve bought myself the Slurpee.”

-laura thalassa



 credits: pinterest, google

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  1. I hadn’t heard of this… wow, to see someone drag a kiddie pool into a 7-Eleven and expect it to be filled with a Slurpee! If the mission is successful, would the person bring the pool back home, so everyone in the family — and the neighborhood — get to enjoy the Slurpee???

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    • most of the pics I’ve found around this phenomenon, have young people involved. I’m not surprised in a college town, but then again, I’m not that surprised at all, as some people always test the limits, especially when they hear ‘as much as you want for free or for a cheap price.” )

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  2. Serves 7-Eleven right. To me the deal they offered was just to get people into the store to buy something else with the fill up.
    I get fed up with those tactics.

    (Maybe I’m just irked because there is no 7-Eleven in my town.) 😦

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  3. Never tried one buy they look pretty good, especially when it’s 40 degrees in the shadows! Could use some cooling, refreshing beverage!

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  4. Hahahahaha. That’s fantastic. Loved those things when I was a kid, um, and as an adult, though I choose to refrain today. Do you remember the slushee machines, Beth? I think they were a Circle K item….delicious.

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  5. I find it comical that people have to be given instructions. For example, at my gym, there is a sign that reads, “No diving in the hot tub.” 🤣

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  6. Ha! It always amazes ( and amuses) me how opportunistic people can be. I’m not sure I’d be appetised by the thought of drinking anything from a toilet bowl :/ Human beings really worry me sometimes! O.o I guess some people just REALLY love their slurpees!

    I’m not much of a slurpee person myself ( we call them slushees here in Aus.There’s a brand called “slush puppy” which has always seemed to me a dubious name. I’m not sure I want to drink something that has the word “puppy” in the title, let alone accompanied by “slush”…. Makes me think the puppy might need a better diet!).

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