not sure this is the best brand name and marketing plan

or that there was a focus group….



“these were such friendly people, they didn’t notice how crabby we were, and before you knew it everyone was as happy as they were.”

-nora raleigh baskin

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  1. Boy oh boy – that’s a terrible PR fail….. I have to agree with your ‘judgement’ – LOL
    Btw, learned that judgment can be written both ways – I guess I have the ‘Oxford’ version here – and the short one is American!?! 😉

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      • As I often find myself baffled by the American and even Canadian sense of humour, it just might work?! 😉

        btw one of my greatest fails in all things humourous was my presentation in French to a language class of the Alliance Française in the UK (for which boss I worked for 8 yrs) on the theme HUMOUR – chosen by the conversation class I often joined and I was asked for a ‘lesson of Swiss humour’….. I got in contact with THE Swiss icon of humour, he sent me even CDs, and plenty of material, I prepared myself diligently and I laughed so much that I could hardly speak….. I was the only one who found it funny. My English friends only laughed when I couldn’t stop laughing, but they laughed at my mirth, not because they thought anything was funny about my examples, sound bites and stories!!!! Maybe these cleaners should have asked ME to come up with a name for their enterprise 😉

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  2. Maybe it’s just honest, lol. It does put an expectation of someone who will not want to chit chat or pet the dog or leave the place cleaner than they found it. If their prices were right, I’d still hire them and consider myself warned. Now if their slogan “terrible painters”, I’d think again! 🙂

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  3. This could work. I think the main thing is you want to get people’s attention, and this advertisement accomplishes that. I wouldn’t think many people are going to choose someone based on their name or tagline anyway.

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  4. I’d hire them. I get along with pretty much everyone and think of how fast and detail-oriented they might be if they aren’t standing around talking chitchat! Honestly though, I’ve known a few painters over the years and their a strange lot. I think its all the paint fumes.

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