from the earth.


white lotus farms, ann arbor, mi

it’s national farmer’s market week – shop from your local farms

Dubbed “the farmers’ market effect” by the New York Times, a recent study shows that vouchers that permit low-income women to shop at a local farmers’ market increase fruit and vegetable consumption in their families. “It’s not clear why mothers visiting a farmers’ market wound up buying more vegetables than grocery store shoppers, but some women told the researchers that the produce sold at markets seemed to be fresher and of higher quality than supermarket offerings. Many shoppers also said they enjoyed the pleasant community experience and the chance to interact directly with growers.”

“raw ingredients trump recipes every time;

farmers and ranchers who coax the best from the earth

can make any of us appear to be a great cook.”

-judy rodgers, the zuni cafe cookbook

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  1. I am a open market fan since I can remember. What I find offending though is how (at least in Switzerland and partially in France too, in Paris and where I lived at least) many stall holders sell non local produce at exhorbitant prices. That’s against the principle of ‘farmers’ markets’. But of course the produce should not have been travelling hundreds of miles, be seasonal and yet permit the seller a fair price for his goods.

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  2. Omg I love bread. That picture of the bread looks delightful lol…

    I enjoy a good farmer’s market but had never thought about why but the reasoning here makes sense: supporting local, interacting with the farmers directly, sense of community!

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  3. With everyone afraid to go into crowded supermarkets, I’m not surprised the open markets got a big boost. Bless ’em all for bringing us produce straight from the fields, or patches, or kitchens, or whatever.

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  4. Thank you! This is a reminder that I need to set an appointment for myself to go to my local Farmer’s Market tomorrow because I keep missing it! They are currently only doing Saturdays and only 10am- 3pm which is such a short window for me to remember.

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  5. I have helped on a produce farm and I can guarantee you that they have the very freshest vegetables there are because they are picked the late afternoon/evening before (when it’s cooler) and the corn is picked the morning of the Farmer’s Market. I always gravitate toward them because I know the quality first hand and the hard work that went into it.

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