perfume and purse dirt.


yes, i found this old piece of gum

on the bottom of my purse

half-opened with glittery stuff and crumbs of unknown origin stuck to it

what might you find in the bottom of your/your mother’s purse?


“when your mom gives you a pre-ripped half piece of doublemint gum

and it tastes like perfume and purse dirt. “

– author unknown

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  1. I haven’t carried an actual purse in years. Seems I went from backpack to briefcase and now back to backpack, with only the occasional wave at handbags for wedding and funeral attire. (My shoe progression was similar: flip-flops and sneakers growing up in California, sensible pumps as HR exec, then back to crocs and trainers in my somewhat-wobbly ‘golden’ years.)

    But a search of the bottom of my backpack revealed:
    * much international coinage. We’re talking not just € , $,and £, but coins from Russia, Denmark, India, and (SUPER EXCITED TO FIND THIS!!!!!) the fake slug that fits perfectly in the slot for the trolley at the shops when I NEVER can find appropriate £ coin. Score.
    * a forgotten USB drive
    * several facemasks
    * Altoids tin (empty)
    * Strip of ibuprofen (double-strength and NOT empty, thank you gods!)
    * The little pointy thing you use to pop out your phone sim card
    * Several dog biscuits of dubious antiquity which the dog immediately inhaled
    * A slightly squashed packet of Chardonnay Vinegar & Sea-Salt crisps leftover from my last ferry trip
    * A mysterious key I’m afraid to throw away in case I then need it to open…the thing it opens.
    * An emergency backup Snickers bar because you never know.

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  3. The plot was thickening on the big screen.
    I was on the edge of the seat.
    Do I watch or cover my eyes?
    I settled for covering my eyes partially with a tissue.
    I reached in my handbag to retrieve a packet of Kleenex.
    And, shrieked!
    My fingers were covered in a sticky substance. Oh no……is it?

    Mint chocolate…. Oozing from a long forgotten, wrapper!

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  4. I don’t recall exploring Mom’s purse. But like happygourmand, I was the child of a woman who thought gum chewing looked like a cow chewing its cud. These days I’ve got a purse almost as big as a backpack, so I’m prepared for just about anything.

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  6. Ah! Now you’ve raised the specter of that ‘purse dirt’ smell. My mother’s purses always smell of that…part talcum powder, wintergreen Lifesavers, and that “Ma” smell that is unique to each mother. There was always a bit of fuzz on those Lifesavers as I recall. It was from the bunch of tissues she carried around everywhere. Thanks for the memory! 😀

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