i didn’t go to the waterpark because it was raining, and i didn’t want to get wet. -jarod kintz


perfect day for a waterpark visit

 full of

action, sun, squealing

 and lots and lots of water

i’m at my best in the lazy river area.


“as a group, we’ve been banned from two water parks, one bar, and a dog-grooming salon.”

-j.a. rock – author

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  1. You’re lazy river area reminds me of what I told my husband the other day. We are (read: have been) avid bicyclists but due to injury and life responsibilities have fallen from getting out there. I told him we should buy four wheelers and go ‘4-wheelin’. At least I would have the illusion of physical movement because the machines would be moving us. 🙂 I get it. 😉

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    • They are fun, and kind of gross as far as when you think about the water, and you just have to not think about that. People do seem quite uninhibited about what they’re wearing so it might be a good place to try it again)


  2. As long as there is no lightning, I’m game. I need to hear how one gets banned from a dog-grooming salon. That sounds like someone I want to party with. 🤣

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