full of life.


what an honor and a joy

to see the culmination

of my dear friend, breeda kelly miller’s

 hours, days, months, year, spent

writing, creating, staging, rehearsing, distilling

and bringing the story of her mother, mary kelly

to life on stage at the world premiere

of her emotional and brilliant one-woman play,

Mrs. Kelly’s Journey Home.

 the arthur miller theater, ann arbor, the university of michigan

“you should feel a flow of joy because you are alive. your body will feel full of life.

that is what you must give from the stage. your life. no less. that is art: to give all you have.”

-anton chekhov






Directed by Brian Cox, a Pencilpoint Theatre Production. Go to mrskellysjourneyhome.com for updates. 


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    • it was so much work, but she did it, and it all was worth it. she was 4 characters, with 4 different accents, all integral to the story, and that gave me a headache, just to consider –


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  2. Congratulations! This performance seems so much full of life and energy. I wish her best of luck for her future endeavours on stage. It is not that easy to present something before people on stage takes a lot of hardwork. I know coz I am a performer too.


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