more alive.


awaiting tomorrow’s gathering.


“this is the power of gathering

it inspires us – delightfully

to be more hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful

in a word, more alive.”

-alice waters




art credit: Debbie and Mike Schramer, using treasures they gathered from the forest.

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  1. How true!!!!! I was so excited about family coming today to celebrate Thanksgiving, that I couldn’t sleep after 3 am, so got up shaved, and started my day! Waiting for daylight to go for a 45 minute walk with my dear wife! Happy Thanksgiving! P.S. I love the photo with this post!

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  2. It can be a dismal holiday if you have no one to gather with. We need to reach out to others at this time.
    And since it will only be my husband and I gathering, I’m going to forego the computer for an hour tomorrow and spend the time with him watching TV.

    OH DEAR! He always falls asleep in front of the TV. My intentions were good! 🙂

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