rapunzel reimagined.


not to be outdone

after one of his classmates

dramatically hung her long braid down from the tower

declaring she was rapunzel

ih decided he wanted to be rapunzel too

 dramatically hanging his bangs down from the tower

declaring he was rapunzel

and it’s true

you can never have too many rapunzels.

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  1. The pandemic has made a lot of us Rapunzels. I finally had the courage to go get my hair cut after about two years. Still wary of the snipper. I live in a county of vaccine deniers.

    My husband said he would gladly trim it for me. Of course he doesn’t have to worry about hair cuts anymore. BIG $aving$ there!

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  2. I feel very much like Rapunzel, with no hair cut in nearly two years (due to COVID), That said, I’ve received many compliments on my long hair. It’s usually short or shortish. And, surprise, I discovered my hair has natural curl, unlike in my teenage years of straight long hair.

    Bonus: My granddaughter loves Rapunzel and dressed as such for Halloween.

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