learning is creation.


“what does our word say?!!”

(two kinder working together in my multi-age classroom, one older, one younger)


“learning is creation, not consumption. 

knowledge is not something a learner absorbs,

but something a learner creates.”

-george couros



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  1. Well, it is a beautiful post with a rather different perspective on knowledge, but to be knowledgeable one must search and be intrigued as well as amazed by different thoughts. Lovely Beth! All the best!


  2. I was often surprised as a teacher that inspiration wasn’t more valued by my colleagues. Every student has to approach a new thing in his/her unique way. A teacher should (if possible) inspire the student to try. Creation = courage.

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  3. That’s so true. I completely agree, Beth. When we truly get that everything we do is a creation, life opens up considerable. Is a wonderfully empowering, and at the same time, at times, frightening experience. Always aliveness is experienced as a result though.

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  4. I suspect these children are close in age, but learning to work with others is one of the most important skills kids learn in school. When I taught, I constantly pushed cross-age tutoring because I knew how good it was for younger and older children.

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