today a ladybug stopped by our classroom veterinary clinic

the kinder docs looked at it closely with a magnifying glass

 decided it might be having trouble flying

after much discussion, more close looks, a few notes on a paper, a phone call,

and a blood pressure check of one of the other docs

 their good care and magic worked

and the ladybug flew away home.

“true compassion means not only feeling another’s pain but also being moved to help relieve it.”

-daniel goleman

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  1. We think we teach children. Actually it’s the other way around.

    You should see my kitchen floor during the ladybug season. It’s the only creature I don’t stomp on and step on but cradle it gently and set out on the patio.

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  2. Ladybugs are special little creatures, “These creatures are reminders for humans to allow themselves to tap into their child-like enthusiasm, creativity, and playfulness to understand your authentic self and stay connected with it. They represent enthusiasm and innocence.

    Ladybugs also signify soaring hopes and are a means for earthbound creatures to connect with the heavens. In many ancient cultures, people believed that these small insects could carry your wishes to God.”

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  3. It’s impressive that they acknowledge the things that those of us who aren’t wearing our glasses can’t even see in the first place. Perhaps you literally need a child’s eyes to see the world from the right perspective.

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