we’re gonna’ need a bigger booth.


when meeting my friend for lunch

we decided to eat on the light side

 share some apps

not knowing

the ‘apps’ were giants

no small plates action going on here

math is not really my favorite thing

but just by looking at it

 it was clear

we had grossly underestimated

the sheer size of things

 quickly and accurately assessing


we were in trouble.

“never order food in excess of your body weight.”

-erma bombeck

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  1. Look at the size of those apps, Beth! So many eggs have their lives for that one deviled egg dish!! One less asparagus grove in that farmer’s field. I could go on. I hope some to-go carriers went with you two!

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  2. I call that a happy accident. And since many of us have been told to eat what’s in front of us because children are starving all over the world and would be happy to have it, I fear I’d end up stuffing myself to avoid the guilt of wasting food that others would be happy to have.

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