seed sampler.


what a wonderful collaboration between the library and local seed organizations

once again showing how important a library is to a community

“inside every seed is the potential for an incredible harvest.”

-farrah gray


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  1. Always a joy to see that connection between a library and the community it serves. We are lucky to still have an excellent library in the nearby town. So many others have been closed down all over England.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I very nearly envy you for your wonderful community – you show us so many quite wonderful ideas, you have exhibitions of art, nature, beauty, loads of great stuff is happening – and this idea tops it all. Lovely!
    Just today I came home from a walk with the tiny plant of a GIANT sunflower to grow…. CHF 2.- for the kitty box of the girl of that family per seed. It should grow up to 3 meters!!!! Imagine. From the tiniest seeds grow miraculous bounties.

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