wonderful day.


back at the lake for the first time this spring





“this is a wonderful day, i have never seen this one before.”

-maya angelou




irish hills, michigan, usa – spring 2022

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  1. Angelou is a miracle in herself (itself?)
    My very recently deceased mum got often into a discussion with me, or rather I started it, about the old tree. We nearly used that Angelou poem for her “thanksgiving cards” but the translation in German was very heavy, so I went for a photo of a half-blown dandelion with a Anaïs Nin.
    I love Maya and Mary both much. A perfect pairing! Have a happy Sunday.

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  2. Being back at a place we love and haven’t been for a long time truly feels like discovering it anew… but already feeling like coming home. I love the quote you added, that’s so fitting.

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