sign above the desk:

“hello customers, welcome to the garage. i am your 4th floor guardian m-f after 4pm.”

we happened upon this happy workspace in a most unlikely place

with a comfy swivel chair occupied after 4pm

a christmas card that says ‘joy’

a boom box

a tiny desk

a plastic plant that dances

an air freshener

a snow globe

a piece of hanging art

and a welcoming sign

what a wonderful workspace

everything someone would need

what a special person

who welcomes you

watches over you

 keeps you happy and safe

on the 4th floor

a safe haven in the world.


“i’ve got a theory; if you love your workspace, you’ll love your work a little more.”

-cynthia rowley




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  1. I love the quote. When I worked in radio I had a shelf full of silly figurines, family photos on my desk, movie posters on the wall and more. It was my home away from home. I do believe your workspace can help you be productive.

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  2. I believe that being able to personalize your workspace with things that make you feel good are essential to a productive worker. Personally, there should be one of those on every floor of a big garage, to make people feel more at ease! AT least it’s a bright space!

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  3. Our work went to open seating which depersonalized our workspaces. I only had a picture of my nieces and nephews, and a tiny texas bear. This was at the insistence of my coworkers, who had many more momentos. The change was very demoralizing to some and they made it known.

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