one thing.


when you have one thing you have to do all day

and it is called summer.



“re: times in my life when i had one thing to do all day, but i still couldn’t get to it. 

“i gotta go to the post office, but i’d probably have to put on pants. 

and they’re only open until five.

looks like i’m going to have to do that next week.”

-jim gaffigan

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  1. That picture instantly conjured the sounds of laughing children and splashing, the smells of chlorine and coconut, the heat of the summer sun. The procrastination part became my lifestyle when I retired!

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  2. I feel like that guy you quoted. It’s not like I’m procrastinating, it’s a different value system. If there are too many steps in the way? Nah. BUT today is cool and cloudy and I’m wearing long pants which means I’ll take the weed eater out back and deal with the determined Aspen tree suckers.

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  3. I think summer is best enjoyed when you have nothing on the schedule. Just go where the “music” takes ya. I also know that feeling of talking myself out of a chore until another day…but then I’ll have one then too…so, pants on and out the door I go!

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