outside (in) the box.


and who couldn’t use a surplus of vim, vigor, and vitality?

this may be the outdoor solution to everything.

plus it can ‘hold a horse.’

“get out of your comfort zone. wake up the sleeping giant in you.”

-chia thye poh




sources: michigan history, korff mfg. 1917

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  1. That would have been useful when it got to 103 degrees here during the summer. But it would usually be too cold in Beetley for most of the year.
    I checked online, and unfortunatley Korff no longer exists to make my sleeping porch. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. My childhood house actually had a built-in sleeping porch. It was part of the house extending over the driveway with screened windows on three sides. Every evening when the sun started going down, I/we would go upstairs and open all the windows. The windows receded down into the wall – somehow – I recall. And by bedtime the room had cooled off. A little bit.
    The room was also a playroom with dollhouses etc. It was a fairly large area. Then one year A/C appeared as window units. πŸ™‚

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  3. I did have a friend who converted the balcony in his Condo into his bedroom and slept out there for an entire year, He had a night table with a lamp, a mountain of blankets for winter, and his two teenagers in the two bedrooms. The balcony above him provided the roof.

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    • yes, one problem for me would be this one hangs in the air and imagine it crashing down, and the horse in his cozy barn laughing. tends to put a damper on my vim and vigor. but that’s just me.

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  4. Beth, a horse has a better chance of buying one of those than I do. If any addition to our house is needed, it won’t be a “quick fix” like this item. That doesn’t look like it would hold anyone for very long, and we don’t need people and horses dropping from higher altitudes. πŸ˜‚


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